People Coming Together Is A Wonderful Thing

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It almost makes me emotional. So cool to see what music can do to us.

These 1,000 people got together to play Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters in hopes that the band will come to Italy and play a concert for them.
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A subtle art. I'm trying to learn it. Slowly, but sometimes that's the best way.

Here's one that I made that I feel is getting closer to the art:

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It's so good.

On another note: I've been so anxious lately (trying to figure out where I'm going to work). My dad texted me while I was at work today and asked if I could help him move some furniture later. It was for one of the people he home teaches. I said OK and accidentally showed up 30 minutes early. It was nice to go in the house—I'd never been in there. We moved the furniture from their perfectly clean living room to their equally clean basement. When I left, I walked through the irrigation water in my sandals. It felt cool, not cold. And I felt a lot better. Not so caught up in waiting for emails to come.
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How I Feel About Being A Bad Person

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It's one thing to be mad, and mean.
But what's the point?
It's not beautiful to be ruthless.
It's not really anything to be better than somebody else:
Because you're not.
And I'm not either.
It's better to have compassion,
I think.
That way, somebody might give it back
Even though neither of us deserve it.
We're both tortured, in a way.
And even if they don't give it back, you can understand what's it's like to give someone
A small, good thing.
And maybe your world,
And my world,
Will be better for it.

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